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Please check the FAQ’s below for support.

How do I order champagne on this site?

We intend to have a transactional website, allowing customers to order online but, for the time being, the easiest way to order is simply by emailing your requirements to or, and we will get back with next steps, or by calling (44) 07583 741364 and we will deal with your order over the phone.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery times do depend on what you are in the UK but, for most UK mainland addresses, deliveries are usually completed within 7 working days of the order.

What is champagne?

Our ‘New to Champagne’ page tells you all you need to know about the process that differentiates champagne from non-sparkling wine.  Read it by clicking here

What is so special about Borel-Lucas?

Wine is a very subjective subject and one person’s favourite may not be to someone else’s taste.  The reason we, at Champagne Occasions, love Borel-Lucas is the fact that the growing, harvesting, production processes and hence overall quality of the champagne is so high. Click here for more about the care that goes into producing Borel-Lucas.

We believe that many better-known champagnes live mainly on old reputations and their brand name.  I’m sure we can all think of examples of expensive labels that taste pretty ordinary.  When we first tasted Borel-Lucas, what impressed us the most is the fact we were sampling a prestige style cuvee, but paying only the same we would expect to pay for other entry level champagnes.

Don’t take our word for it, however, read what our customers think by clicking to our Testimonial Page

Where else can I buy Borel-Lucas?

Champagne Occasions has the sole distribution rights for Borel-Lucas in the UK.  We sell the champagne to a few specially selected specialist wine merchants and a hand-full of quality restaurants.  We will add this list to the website over time.  In the meantime, you can order simply by emailing your requirements to, and we will get back with next steps, or by calling (44) 07583 741364 and we will deal with your order over the phone.

What style of wine is Borel-Lucas?

Borel-Lucas produce a range of champagne styles that are described here, but one obvious element that sets the range apart from many shop-bought champagnes is that there is not an over-reliance on the pinot noir grape which, at high percentages, gives that sharp acidic style associated with some of the poorly made, large volume, mass produced Bruts.

Instead, of pinot noir, Borel-Lucas (unusually) uses 80% pinot meunier in their Reserve Brut and 100% chardonnay (a style known as Blanc de blanc) In the Art Divin and also in the incredible ‘Soleil D’or’ Grand Cru.

In our opinion, the Borel-Lucas range has more depth and structure than many comparably priced champagnes, which is why it represents such good value for money.

I wish to book an event?

If you are looking to attend one of our events please check out our up and coming events page here. Alternatively if you would like to book a private or corporate event for at least 10 people, please complete the ‘Private/Corporate Event Booking’ form on the events page or on this page.

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